Need More Cowbell...umm, LitRPG?

December 20, 2017

Hello and good day to you all. If you are reading this, there's a solid chance that you too are suffering from LitRPG withdrawals and need to have your fix of new books and series to read. Well, hold on to your helmet, visor, helm or whatever it is you use to keep the alien probes from scanning your processor because here is a list of all the LitRPG resources you can handle. 


First up is a series of Facebook groups that are for readers and authors alike. I have had so many discussions with great readership as well as most of the authors I love in the genre. Thanks to these groups I am now writing my own story. It is more than probable that this wouldn't be the case, if not for the great folks in the groups. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

General LitRPG Groups


Author Fan Pages


Yea, sorry, gotta toot my own horn for just a second, then I promise back to the greats of the genre.


Richard Hummel:


Blaise Corvin:


Michael Chatfield:


Aleron Kong:


Vasiliy Mahenenko:


James Hunter:


Daniel Schinhofen


Tao Wong


Patreon Sites


Writer Resources


There are several groups associated with writers that require vetting and personal referral, but if you are part of any of the above groups, you can get the info.




This link is if you decide that you want to start dictation. Some absolutely great recommendations here:


LitRPG Websites:


Here are some great websites to LitRPG, Forums, Blogs, etc. (LitRPGPodcast)

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